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‚V‘ release day – surprise live stream –

YEAH to celebrate the release of our fifth album -V- we will try to stream tonights show from Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland. It will be on our FaceBook site, and we…

New video ‚Hawkshaw‘

Have you seen our new video for the song ‚Hawkshaw‘? Here it is! HAWKSHAW ON YOUTUBE New album ‚V‘ will be released this Friday the 30th September. Grab it from…

Great reviews of V is starting to gild the internet

Here’s a few to check out hopefully in a language you prefer! In English „TRUCKFIGHTERS are a creature that overwhelms the senses with fuzz and riffage.“ Rating 10/10 Read it…

Change of venue in Brighton on Dec 10th

Yes we will play at Patterns, nowhere else! Get your ticket here **See all tourdates in the shows section

Now taking pre-orders of ‚V‘

You wanna make sure to get the limited edition bonus DVD or that vinyl color you desire? PRE-ORDER NOW before they run out of stock! Where can i get it?…

Statement (in Swedish) regarding the video Calm before the storm

Hej. Ett kort uttalande med anledning av de reaktioner och kommentarer vi har fått på vår video till låten “Calm Before the Storm”. Sommaren 2015 skakades Sverige av det brutala…