Latest Release

– V –

Latest studio album released Sept 30th 2016. You can still grab one of the last vinyls printed, and it’s actually a few copies left of the limited edition of the trifold colored LP(+CD+Poster) left. Also a few CD(+bonus DVD) from where you can choose the option to have it signed. Limited editions on White vinyl (100), Red Vinyl (200), Yellow Vinyl (200) and Gold vinyl (600) + the black vinyl in the trifold limited edition (1500)

Here’s some reviews that started to pop in:
In English
“TRUCKFIGHTERS are a creature that overwhelms the senses with fuzz and riffage.” Rating 10/10 Read it at Distorted Sound

In German
“Natürlich geht es immer noch steil nach vorn mit einem fuzzigen, abartig geilen Sound, doch das neue Album ist melancholisch wie nie. Und trotzdem gut – meine Fresse!” Rating 5/5 Read it at HandwrittenMag

In French
“C’est donc sur plus de ¾ d’heure en seulement 7 titres que « V » va hypnotiser son auditeur.” Rating 4/5 Read it at United Rock Nations